COLONIAL hand-blown glass

Hand blown restoration glass
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Mouth-blown since the 10th century, this glass became widely available in the 16th century. The technique of making handmade mouth-blown glass has been passed down from one generation to the next. Verrerie de Saint-Just is the last glass manufacturer in France to still blow architectural glass using this age-old method. Considered such as the excellence of architectural glass, its charm lies in the irregularities (bubbles, structures, surface shimmer) that make it look so unique.


Preserves a building’s authenticity and prestige. Perfect for restoring façades built prior to 1920.


  • Replicates the period appearance of restored buildings.
  • Unique look and ambiance created by the bubbles, cords and ripples in the glass.
  • Extremely pure transparency for perfect light transmission.

Technical specifications

Choice of appearance

Verrerie de Saint-Just can reproduce every type of blown glass exactly as it was made at the time. Our skill and expertise mean we can replicate the exact shade, quantity of bubbles and cords.


Products in our COLONIAL range must be installed in accordance with standard NF DTU 39 and any specific fitting instructions, available on request from Verrerie de Saint-Just. Note that putty containing linseed oil must not be used when fitting laminated glass or double-glazing.


  • Hotels and châteaux: Palace of Versailles, Fondation Cognacq Jay, HĂ´tel de Clermont, Château de LunĂ©ville, Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, Palace of Fontainebleau.
  • Period houses, mansions and private stately homes

Technical details - COLONIAL