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21st century float glass
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Float glass was invented in 1960 and it is the most modern method of manufacturing glass (tertiary,automotive, residential). Applying a thermal process to float glass, which was first developed to replace glass used in inside buildings (doors, bookshelves,etc.), gives it the typical appearance of antique glass. Verrerie de Saint-Just has developed a range of glazing products to complement existing heritage glass, all of which are reminiscent of different types of antique drawn and hand-blown glass


The way our 1900 glass is made means it can be adapted to the era in question, for an appearance that closely resembles that of the original building.


  • Its large dimensions mean bigger windows can be produced and imitation glazing bars incorporated.
  • Visual comfort for users.

Technical specifications

Choice of appearance

The 1900 range is manufactured industrially using extra-clear float glass. 1900 Heritage is characterized by a high level of distortion and irregularity, similar to glass made between the 16th and 18th centuries. 1900 Classic has a subtler effect, replicating the shimmering of large glazing of the last two centuries.


Products in our 1900 range must be installed in accordance with standard NF DTU 39 and any specific fitting instructions, available on request from Verrerie de Saint-Just. Note that putty containing linseed oil must not be used when fitting laminated glass or double-glazing.


  • Hotels and public places: Place VendĂ´me and Palais de Justice – Paris, Château de Dampierre, Haute École des Arts du Rhin – Strasbourg.
  • Period houses, mansions and private stately homes.


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