Creation and restoration of stained glass

Blown Glass

La Verrerie de Saint-Just’s original purpose was to create blown glass to restore stained-glass windows. In response to the need for exact color, Saint-Just has developed an extensive array of unique colors and textures available in three ranges: Art Glass Color, Art Glass Antic and Art Glass Plaqué which all share similar characteristics:

  • Art Glass Color:
    Tinted blown glass with bubbles, cords and vibrations.
    109 standard colors.
    Maximum dimensions:  700 x 850 mm; thickness 2-5 mm

  • Art Glass Antic:
    Bubbled blown glass, available in soft colors, with cords and vibrations.
    23 standard colors.
    Maximum dimensions: 750 x 850; thickness 1.5-4 mm

  • Art Glass Plaqu√©:
    Plate blown glass with a very thin layer of glass of one color, with bubbles, cords and vibrations.
    35 enamel colors over clear glass and 16 opal hues on colored glass.
    Maximum dimensions: 700 x 850 mm; thickness 2-5 mm.

All of these glass products can also be customized: double-glazing, security glass, curved or silvered for mirrors.


Saint-Just also manufactures its own rondels, blown and molded with bubbles. The product range has 40 different colors. The available dimensions are 200 x 300 mm and a thickness of 25 mm.

They are suitable for sizing, carving, sanding, drilling, and silvering.

American Glass

In addition to all of the blown glass options mentioned, La Verrerie de Saint-Just also offers a selection of American glass from Bullseye, Oceanside Glass (formerly Spectrum Glass), and Wissmach.

Ideal for stained glass, the different ranges produced by Oceanside Glass and Wissmach can be consulted by clicking on the links below. Special Bullseye glass is also available for fusing.

NB: The new Spectrum (Oceanside) range is now exclusively for fusing and will now be produced as a COE 96 fusible product.

Tools and Accessories

La Verrerie de Saint-Just offers a selection of tools and accessories for the restoration or creation of stained-glass windows for both professionals and amateurs.

The tools and accessories product lines:

  • Small tools (glass cutters, pliers, tiffany, etc.)
  • Electric material (grinders, solder irons, etc.)
  • Grisailles and enamels
  • Fusing kilns


Lead is an essential for producing stained-glass windows. It is also sold by Saint-Just.  Our relatively wide range of lead products comes from Stillemans, Cascade Metals et Regalead. It is available in various widths, depths and shapes (H, U, or Y). All our clients will have the exact product they need for their stained-glass window project.